Pirate Corkscrew bottle opener

Pirate Corkscrew

If you are a wine lover and treasure fine wine then, you would surely value the unique pirate corkscrew. Dressed up in old classic pirate style, the adventurous corkscrew works like a professional. Utilizing cleaver details like the eye patch, black bandana, earring and the beard makes the pirate corkscrew a masterpiece. The exceptional corkscrew has beer bottle opener, foil cutter and easy open lever- it’s like getting hold of a real treasure. These are exclusive and specially designed to last.

If you are dreaming of a cocktail party on the beach, then pirate corkscrew will help you set the right mood. Great wines are meant to be shared with your loved ones. Opening up your favorite bottle of wine is the starting of the celebration. Therefore it deserves to be opened with style and elegance, and what could be better than an exceptional pirate corkscrew. The pirate is well equipped and ready to make you smile. So let the party begin and get ready to have a blast.


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